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In the Huab Valley in north-western Namibia is a place called Uis-//aes, ‘place among packed stones’, by the San/Bushmen who inhabited the area. It was inscribed as a cultural site for its large concentration of rock engravings (2000 plus) and is Namibia’s first World Heritage Site. The rock engravings are estimated to be 6 000 years old. Close by is the Petrified Forest, with a collection of around 50 fossilized trees thought to be over 250 million years old.

The Brandberg Mountain is the highest in Namibia with Konigstein peak rising into the sky at 2 573 meters above sea level and littered with gigantic granite boulders which are transformed into a glowing reddish-orange color in the rays of the setting sun. This, combined with the dark basalt at the base, gave rise to its descriptive name, Brandberg, which means ‘burning mountain’. The famous White Lady painting is its main attraction.

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Twyfelfontein Country Lodge

Twyfelfontein Country Lodge is situated in the ancient Huab valley in the Kunene region of Namibia (formerly known as Damaraland). The area, known as the Twyfelfontein Uibasen Conservancy, boasts a multitude of rock engravings and paintings.

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