Fish River Canyon

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Awe-inspiring is perhaps an understatement when describing the raw beauty of the Fish River Canyon which ranks amongst the largest canyons in the world. The most spectacular section is 65km long and the canyon reaches a depth of 549m. The Ai-Airs Resort is known for its thermal springs and marks the end of the 85km long Fish River Canyon hiking trail, which in terms of difficulty can be compared to the Otter Trail in South Africa and ranks amongst the Big Five hiking trails in the Southern African Region. Situated east of the Fish River Canyon, the Gondwana Ganon Park, which covers 1000,000ha of plains characterized by clumps of milkbush, granite outcrops and low mountains. It is here that you will find solitude and wide open spaces with spectacular scenery. Activities include guided drives and nature walks, as well as horse riding and scenic flights over the Fish River Canyon.