Your Accommodation Options in Luderitz

The town of Luderitz stands in isolation on a great frontier between the dessert and ocean. Except for the structures huddled together on the shore and the lighthouse, the surroundings are much as Bartholomeu Dias found them in 1487, when his flotilla of three small ships first sailed into the uncharted bay. It is renowned for its old-world charm and distinctly German colonial architecture, like the Goerkehaus built in 1909 and the Felsenkirche consecrated in 1912.

Suggested Travel Spots

Luderitz Nest Hotel

The Nest Hotel in Luderitz offers the holidaymaker and business traveler luxurious beachfront accommodation (73 rooms) in a spectacular setting. All rooms are sea facing and equipped with air-conditioning, en-suite facilities, satellite television and a private telephone.

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