The land of God


Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, is located in North Africa with the Atlantic Ocean that lies to the west and the Mediterranean to the North and has a population of over 32 million.  From the Saharan dunes to the peaks of the High Atlas, Morocco is the perfect tailor-made destination for second time travellers. The capital city is Rabat on the Atlantic Coast and Casablanca (also on the Atlantic Coast) is the country’s main port.


Morocco is popular for its pristine beaches rich in natural beauty. You can visit them the whole year round with little to worry, as the climate is fresh and pleasant. Tourists from all over love the large beaches resorts on the long Atlantic coast. Agadir is one such town that is the favorite of many tourists. Though earlier beaches were the major tourist attractions, the modern tourist industry has also been capitalizing on ancient Roman and Islamic history.


For any traveller exploring Morocco, the capital city of Rabat is a great starting point. The city has exotic gardens and interesting museums displaying the Roman ruins. Rabat, with its city gates, magnificent mosques, small back streets, and souks, fascinates any visitor. A modern coastal city with homes and buildings painted in white surrounded by beautiful gardens.

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