Your Accommodation Options in Swakopmund

Swakopmund is 356 kilometers west of Windhoek and is flanked by the Namib Desert and the icy Atlantic Ocean. There is definitely an air of enchantment about it, as if the ornate buildings of the old quarter, palm trees and the lush greenery of the seafront were somehow spirited away from their proper setting, only to be left without rhyme or reason in an African desert. It was founded in 1892 during German colonial rule and it served as the territory’s main harbor for many years. With its distinctly German atmosphere, you will see German colonial-style buildings dating back to the early 1900’s. The street names serve as reminders of former colonial rulers and administrators, while German is still widely spoken. Well-known historic buildings include Woermann House (1905), the old State Railway Station (1901), Alte Kaserne (Old Fort) and the old Magistrate’s Court which now serves as State House in Swakopmund. Activities in the coastal town range from sand-boarding and paragliding to camel rides, ballooning, township tours and scenic flights.