Magical Kenya


The Kenyan landscape covers a great range of terrain, stretching from sea level at the coast up to 5199m on the snow-capped peak of Mt. Kenya.  This is one of the most geographically diverse countries on earth with vast expanses of savannah, highland rangers, equatorial rainforest, extinct volcanoes, a series of fresh water and soda lakes, alphone glaciers, arid deserts and tropical beaches, all within the borders of a single country.


Large grazing herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle, large mammals such as elephants, buffalo and rhinoceros, and a range of predators including lion, leopard and cheetah make up just some of Kenya's world famous wildlife, protected in 48 National Parks, Reserves and Marine parks, as well as many private sanctuaries and game ranches. Kenya has always viewed its wildlife as a national treasure.


This diverse country offers many rewards for not only the first-time traveller, but also the seasoned safari traveller.  Not only does Kenya have magnificent wildlife, but also excellent accommodations, palm-fringed beaches and a warm and friendly population that will await all guests.  An infinite landscape of varying climates, Kenya is punctuated by two distinct rainy seasons from April to May and late November to December.

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