The Pearl of Africa


Uganda sits astride the equator in Eastern Africa and as the “Pearl of Africa” it is the destination that inspired Hemingway and Churchill in earlier times. As a country it offers spectacular scenery and a rich and proud melting pot of tribes and cultures. More recently Uganda was singled out by the much respected Lonely Planet travel guide as “The world’s most preferred tourism destination for 2012”.


Uganda is heaven for avid bird watchers as it offers an impressive bird population of more than 1000 species. Uganda’s enjoys a favourable tropical location which offers year round summer weather conditions making it the perfect all-year, all-round destination. Uganda will deliver the Africa of your desires with memories to last a lifetime.


The country boasts an impressive selection of wild primates including half the world’s surviving Mountain Gorilla population in Bwindi, but there is so much more to Uganda - where else can you watch lions on the open plains in the morning, track chimpanzees through the lush undergrowth of the rainforest the very same afternoon, and the next day navigate tropical channels teeming with hippos and crocodiles before setting off in the mysterious misty mountains to visit the majestic and endangered mountain gorillas?

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