Robyn De Vries

Dear Desire,

The “Nuwe de Vriese ”would like to take a moment and thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for a unforgettable honeymoon.
You have made our experience so special, and trouble free that we could not have asked for anything more or better.
Every destination had a wonderful welcoming letter (from you) with either flowers, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, free spa treatment, free dhow cruise etc… all thank to the special touch of Desire Africa.

Nuwe de Vriese Honeymoon Highlights:

• Arathusa
Your choice of game reserve could not have been a better fit with our idea of a perfect safari holiday.
The staff were lovely (friendly and caring), and made sure we were well entertained and always looked after.
The setting of Arathusa is breathtaking and the food and drinks were a wonderful compliment to complete the picture.
Game drives…unbelievable. I will struggle to ever to the KNP on my own again.
We were spoiled with the most amazing sightings including 6 leopard sightings, a aardvark leopard kill and much, much more.
All in all the best safari we have ever been on (and I used to work in the Lowveld…)

• Azura Benguarra
An island of dreams (if that’s not what the name means, it should be).
Being to the Maldives, this island holiday had a lot to live up to.
I am honestly happy to say that we rate it better than Maldives for a numerous amount of reason.
o The staff and management was extremely caring and customer oriented ensuring that we had the time of our life.
o The room on the beach with private pool and gazebo was so lovely, we could have stayed there the whole trip.
o All the activities including Watersports, fishing, island tours, island hopping, horse riding, dhow cruises, etc. was so spectacular, we almost did not leave time to rest.
Needless to say we did not want to leave!!!
Great choice of beach holiday.

Desire Africa has proven to be the best Travel Agency I have ever come across.
Not only has Desire illustrate her wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of customer needs, but also conducts her business extremely professionally and with a lot of Passion & heart.
Our Journey with Desire Africa has been more than just a trip, but a series of unforgettable experiences filled with loving touches and true customer service.
Every part of the journey showed true care, attention to detail and continuous follow ensuring the satisfaction of her valued Clients.
We thank you from the bottom of our heart for the best Experience newlyweds could have ever asked for, and be assured that we are officially loyal customers of the “AWESOME” DESIRE AFRICA TRAVEL!

Best Regards