Reha Ozdemir and Family

It;s been a month since we came back from Zanzibar Dream Holiday….
Here is our feedback:

1-Fast Jet experience was our first and pleasant, planes for both direction was half full so we travelled in comfort zone.
2-Tanzania is real Africa, seeing all the propeller planes flying in an out to various parts of the country was an amazing experience. For a poor country where the infrastructure of roads aren’t enough, these planes and their young pilots provide fast, reasonable, safe transport to anyone in need and who can afford.
3-Tanzanian people are great as whole, welcome everybody, keen to help, friendly and happy crowd. Despite the challenges and limitations, they go extra mile to help and please the visitors.
4- Azanzi is a great resort, thanks to South African owners and international managers who are running the resort with professionalism. We have been treated with utmost care, our requests have been addressed promptly, made our holiday very pleasant, our unit was very spacious, house keeping was always high standard.

Thanks again helping us to get this lovely island ….