Birke & Family

Hi Desi,

Here our feedback:

Your service- absolutely amazing and fantastic! We will (and already have) always recommend you and the excellent service you offer!

Ravenala – overall:
So relaxing, chilled and laid back atmosphere, perfect place to unwind, very family friendly, great entertainment and water sports, lovely garden, swimming pools and beach front. We love that you can just chill out the whole day and even eat your lunch while you sunbathe on the beach

Staff – very friendly and helpful, especially at the beach bar and in all the restaurants (we also saw a lot of management around, which is a good thing; but they were not so friendly – always looked grumpy)

Definitely the food – it was excellent at every restaurant, the all Inclusive package is really wonderful,

large variety of drinks and different kinds of food offered,

the overall service and friendliness,

the unique atmosphere at each restaurant, the activities offered,

the atmosphere at the beach,

the evening entertainment,

the spa,

the beach bar

the Kids Club and the staff as well as the activities there

The early breakfast available when you have to leave early in the morning

We had an absolutely amazing time and really thoroughly enjoyed our holiday!!! Thank you so so much

Love, Birke