Aberdare National Park

Your Accommodation Options in Aberdare National Park

The Aberdares is a range of mountains to the west of Mount Kenya in the central highlands region and is one of Kenya's only virgin forests. The Kikuyu call these mountains Nyandarua (drying hide) and they were the home to guerilla fighters during the struggle for independence. Today the mountains are home to leopard, bongo, buffalo and elephant and the lower lying areas are the territory of the lion, serval cat and even bushbucks. Aberdare National Park is known for its tree hotels and the thrill of night game viewing. Deep ravines cut through forested slopes and animals venture down at night to waterholes situated next to these hotels.

Suggested Travel Spots

The Treetops Lodge

The Treetops Lodge definitely focus all attention on game viewing, which two waterholes and a salt lick, you can be assured to see a variety of animals coming to visit around the lodge.  
The Ark

The Ark (as the name describes) is built to resemble Noah's Ark it floats amid the forests of the Aberdare National Park, joined to the world by its own wooden drawbridge. Staying at this lodge is truly a unique experience.

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