Your Accommodation Options in Lamu

As Kenya's oldest living town, Lamu has a rich and colorful history. Lamu is a town, an island and an archipelago. The physical appearance and character of the town have changed little over the centuries. The architecture of the houses and buildings dates back to the 18th century. The villages of Shela and Matondoni, Lamu Fort, the Swahili House Museum, and the Donkey Sanctuary should also be included on every traveler's itinerary. Today, Lamu offers an excellent opportunity to experience an ancient and fascinating town, inhabited by friendly and colorful people as well as the sea, beaches, antiquities, marine life and nearby islands. Take a dawn swim on the world's most beautiful beach, explore the shipyards of nearby Matandoni, shop in Lamu Town or plunge into crystalline waters to scuba or snorkel.

Suggested Travel Spots

Majlis Hotel Lamu

The Majlis Hotel Lamu offers elegant and luxurious accomodation, in understated design complementing the natural beauty of Lamu and its tropical location.

Kizingo is the ultimate 'no news, no shoes' beach resort - a wonderful secluded and tranquil escape from the modern world....a little bear foot rustic luxury!

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