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Savute is situated in the western corner of the Chobe National Park and south of the Chobe River, wild and remote. The open savanna grassland has a desert feel to it contrasting dramatically with the lush vegetation of the Chobe river front. The Savute supports the highest concentration of the King of Beasts, the mighty Lion - this is the battleground of the ongoing struggle for survival between the Lion and the spotted Hyena and home to the famous ‘Savute Pride’ known for their elephant hunting skills. When visiting the Savute one may very well feel a sense of dejavu as the area has been the scene of many a documentary including the National Geographic documentary film “Eternal Enemies” filmed by Deryck and Beverly Joubert and many others. Game viewing is spectacular and dramatic and encounters with large numbers of elephant bulls are commonplace and in the wet season, large herds of zebra and tsessebe feed on the Savute plains. During the summer rains, the pans of Savute fill with water, which sustains wildlife long into the dry season with Zebra and wildebeest congregating and it is not uncommon to catch sight of leopard, cheetah and African wild dog. The area is known for its artificial waterholes which offer spectacular game viewing from the comfort of your lodge viewing deck or room.

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