The Okavango Delta

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The Okavango Delta is certainly on most peoples ‘bucket list’ and as the world’s largest inland delta so it should be - with its surreal oasis of islands and waterways flowing in the middle of the arid Kalahari Desert it is truly a miracle of nature and coupled with its remote location, diversity of game and birdlife, it is unparalleled. The Okavango Delta is most well-known for its game viewing by mokoro (dug-out canoe); and so as you gently float through the pristine channels and myriad waterways you are transported into a magical world with breathtaking scenery, game viewing up close and amazing birdlife. Of course no river is still and as a meandering river, the channel in the panhandle is undergoing constant change forming oxbow lakes as well as the splitting of the channel at several points along its length and creating permanent swamps characterized by a number of larges lakes of which most are ancient oxbow lakes. The lower regions of the delta are seasonally flooded and these are known as ‘seasonal swamps’. There are three main channel systems which are separated by strips of permanently dry land. These strips of dry land are separated by the Thaoge and Jao-Boro systems and Chiefs Island, another game rich strip of dry land separates the Jao and Boro systems.

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