Shannon Smith

Hi Desire
Thank you for organizing our trip to Morocco.
Casablanca was nice. The hotel was good, but we did not get much time in Casablanca. The Mosque in Casablanca is incredible to see.
Meknes and Rabat were interesting. The Medina in Rabat was beautiful.

Fez, was interesting. The Medina is something to behold. The sheer size of it. We learnt a lot and saw lots of things.
The guide that took us around Fez, was a nice man and very knowledgeable. I think all the sites we saw in Fez made an impact on the trip and were important to see.

Marrakech is awesome. The hotel was fabulous, the places we went to were awesome. Definitely a good idea to spend more days in Marrakech. I could spend a week there and still need to see more. It’s a friendly beautiful safe city.

The restaurant that you booked for Greg’s birthday should be in every tourists itinerary. What a magnificent place. Worth every cent.
I have never seen anything so beautiful.
You should definitely put a Hamam onto every tourists things to do. What an amazing experience. You walk out like you have a new skin. Really worth it.

Mohammed, our driver. Excellent choice. He should be used every time. He made up for the time lost in the Atlas mountains, he took us to have lunch with a Berber family, he took us to a Berber village, he really made a huge effort. He took us to shops that sold good quality Moroccan items at inexpensive prices. He is definitely a gem.

Things to warn future tourists about, the morocco people can get a bit pushy when they are trying to sell you stuff. It can get a bit tiresome. So tell your clients that they need to be firm and just walk away. Don’t worry about feeling you are being rude. Because if you give the morocco people half the chance you will have a bought a whole lot of stuff for a whole lot of money.
Don’t be scared to look for the best price. If you see something you like, look around and compare prices and tell them that the man down the street was 50 dirhams cheaper.

We had a really great time, learnt a lot and will definitely go back.
Thank you