Seda & Friket Yorgancioglu

Hi Desire!
Thanks for all your lovely notes along the way, I meant to email you while we were there but just kept forgetting.. But thanks a lot for everything, all our pick-ups and drop-offs were perfect and smooth. We absolutely loved Thanda Private Game Reserve, and the people were amazing there. They really make you feel special, and its great that its so small and cozy. Our safari guide there was also amazing and very knowledgeable, also the photographer was so nice he lent us his 8-gig memory card so we could take more pictures. He also gave us a crash-course on how to use our (borrowed) camera, so we were able to take really good pictures! But in general, being so close to the animals was just amazing.
Then Mozambique, and White Pearl Resort was also gorgeous and very romantic. It was nice to just chill right by the ocean and read a book and relax. We had a good time and the people there were also lovely. We read a lot, rode horses on the beach, and did a boat-ride with the dolphins!

And Cape Town was also very nice! What a beautiful city! I loved the location of the hotel and the travel guides there were very helpful with telling us where to go, what to do. The only unfortunate thing was that the day of the peninsula tour was pouring and cold, so some parts of the peninsula werent even visible. But it did clear up at times and overall it was still a nice tour. The next day we just didnt want to be driven around again, and we just walked around the city, went to the green market square and bought lots of African goods. It was really nice to explore and the weather was really nice!
So overall, we definitely had a great time and made great memories!! Took great pictures but they might be more of the animals! I think the most amazing part was that we were able to see a completely different culture. We always travel around Europe which is very similar to Turkey in a lot of ways, so this was definitely something completely different.
Thanks again a lot for everything you have done for us and I hope that we do another Africa tour at some point! Especially Cape town would probably be amazing in the summer.
Best wishess!!!