Nicole Maske

Hi Desire,

Thanks very much, we had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the break!

Some feedback and highlights:
1. Desire Africa Travel – great explanations of the various places with pros and cons; patient with lots of chopping and changing; really understand the lay of the land locally; able to provide many different options with different appeals without completely overloading us with choice;

2. Loved the bag tags and travel docs!

3. Maritim – loved it. Our family room worked really well for us and still had a lovely view and was spacious enough.

4. The staff at Maritim were all super friendly and lovely with Tristan. They were also super understanding with all the mess he created at dinners.

4. The Food was average in the main buffet, which we mainly stuck to due to times and the variety providing lots of choice for Tristan.

5. All inclusive package was great, really didn’t need anything more and it had a great selection of drinks and activities included. Although it was 85% full it didn’t feel that way, which was really nice.

Thanks again and looking forward to next time!