Ruaha National Park

Your Accommodation Options in Ruaha National Park

Ruaha is a perfect compliment to a Selous safari.  It is the second largest national park in Tanzania and covers about 10,300km².   In fact, it's part of series of conjoined wildlife areas, covering 50,000km² and stretching as far as Katavi in the west.   Ruaha itself still has just a handful of camps and, being quite far from Dar, it receives relatively few visitors.  Its dramatic scenery includes rolling hills, large open plains, groves of skeletal baobabs and, along its southern border, the wide Great Ruaha River.  The best time to visit if you want to see predators and large mammals will be in the dry sesons (mid May - December) and for bird-watching, lush scenery and wildflowers it will be in the wet season (January-April) and if you want to spot the male greater kudu, a visit in June, during the breeding season is suggested.

Suggested Travel Spots

Jongomero Camp

Jongomero Camp is remote, stylish and with a slightly colonial edge situated in the heart of Ruaha National Park.

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