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Zanzibar Suggestion

Zanzibar West Coast

The West Coast of Zanzibar is home to spectacular white beaches splashed with the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean offering travellers the ideal ...


Zanzibar South Coast

Kizimkazi is the destination for most tourists wishing to stay on the Southern tip of Zanzibar. It was once the capital when the island was ...


Pemba Island

Pemba Island is part of Tanzania’s Zanzibar Archipelago, off the coast of East Africa. It’s known for its lush, green hills and clove plantations. The ...


Zanzibar North Coast

The North Coast of Zanzibar is about a 2 hours drive from Stone Town and in the last decade has turned into one of Zanzibar’s ...


Stone Town

Zanzibar’s capital is the historical Stone Town, home to much of Zanzibar’s tourism industry. It is also a World Heritage Site. The town is home to ...


Zanzibar East Coast

Miles of white sand beach, coral reef, traditional villages and nature walks adorn the beautiful and wild east coast of Zanzibar.